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Cassandra is a Naturopathic Doctor and the world's leading expert in women's cyclical health. Creating GoddessCeremony out of a deep desire to create an empowering space for all women to gather, she awakened an experience for women to remember who they were born to be. She has been honored to lead over 160 sacred women’s circles, 54 Sacred Goddess Retreats, dozens of women’s leadership trainings and support thousands of women on the path of awakening the wild woman within. 


Known for her warmth, eloquence in public speaking and revival of women’s wisdom, Cassandra and GoddessCeremony have quickly risen to one of the leaders in women’s health and traditional wisdom. 


In February 2019, Cassandra launched the GoddessCeremony Podcast. Eager to share wisdom in an accessible way for women around the world, she build this platform out of service and inspiration for women to feel supported and encouraged. Releasing a new episode every Monday, the podcast has been downloaded over 40,000 times and ranks in the United States, the Czech Republic and Hungary.  


Cassandra also offers a select amount of consultations as a Naturopathic Doctor in a virtual setting for women anywhere in the world who desire to heal in an empowered way. Specializing in women’s health, fertility and cycle regulation, she has been revered as a leader in women’s health and advocate in bridging the gap between natural health and western medicine. 


Inspired by the courageousness of women and the power of healing our own stories, Cassandra is honored to witness you within this space. Thank you for being here.


Cassandra led her first women's circle on the island of Koh Phangan just off the coast of Thailand. It was there that she fully realized the power of women gathering together and inspired her to continue this journey. In Michigan, Utah, Guatemala, Idaho, Vermont and beyond she has led over a hundred sacred women's circles. She has also led over 54 Sacred Goddess Retreats around the world, empowering women to live in alignment with their deepest calling and awaken the wild woman within. A gifted speaker and teacher, Cassandra is also a frequent guest speaker at seminars around the country.


Cassandra is a Naturopathic Doctor and the leading expert in women's cyclical health and productivity patterns. She helps women heal debilitating menstrual cycles, irregular periods and rebalance their bodies post birth control. Passionate about women's reproductive health and cultivating a sense of empowerment in our cyclical health, she works with a select 1:1 clients. You can apply to work with her here. 


"I grew up in a small town of Utah and remember feeling very detached from my body for most of my childhood. I was a deeply sensitive child and often felt that I could not handle the chaos and stress in the world around me. This pattern continued into my adolescence and later manifested into anorexia and ammenorhea as well as a deep depression that hung over me. By the time I was in college, I was starving for something more to this life. I wouldn't have used this word then, but I craved something spiritual or significant, or something that could guide and inspire me. After an abusive relationship and months of my life consisting of police reports and court hearings, I was at my wits end. No longer able to continue living the life I had been existing in, I turned to meditation, yoga and mindfulness. I remember sobbing in probably the first 10 yoga classes I ever went to, tired from living so inauthentically. Slowly, I felt more empowerment in my life and began to heal the wounds inside of me. This was also when my intuition spoke to me for the first time ever. And she said two very simple words, "Costa Rica..."

After much resistance and the cautions of others, I found myself on a plane to Costa Rica with no logical reasoning why. On that trip, I found myself in a state of joy and empowerment I had never seen before. I also met a man who would later become my partner and ask me why I lived a life that I did not like. 

In some strange way I had never realized that I didn't have to live an unhappy life. I thought one had to work and go to school and move through the regular motions of life. With this new inspiration, I chose to drastically change my life and discover my purpose. 

A few months later, I quit my corporate job, sold everything I owned, moved out of my apartment and left to travel across Central America, the United States and Southeast Asia. On this journey, I found myself in a small village on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and this is where my life drastically changed.

I had the opportunity to go to women's circles and surround myself with women who supported, encouraged and respected one another. I saw women who were empowered and gracious and bravely lived the life that they wanted. These women's circles completely changed my life. In these circles, I healed myself and much of the trauma and pain I had held onto my entire life. I remember crying through most of the ceremonies, exhausted from carrying so much heaviness. And I realized the power of women joining together.

With this new inspiration and joy, I traveled on to Southeast Asia where things magically aligned, as they do, to lead a women's circle. I had never thought about sitting at the head of the circle but there I was and the women who joined me thanked me repeatedly for holding the space for them. 

A few months later I moved to Michigan to begin my schooling to become a Naturopathic Doctor and found that there were no local women's circles in the area. Hungry for sisterhood and connection, I casually put out an announcement that I would be leading one. Over 20 women came to my home that evening and it quickly became clear that this was deeply needed by the community. Later, I expanded to sacred women's retreats and these too were sought after. I realized that women were hungry for connection. So many women wanted to be in a sacred space with other women and be honored and respected. 

I launched into this sacred work full time, guiding over a dozen retreats a year, offering multiple women's leadership trainings a season, traveling to lead workshop tours and working with private clients. While the hours were long, I felt replenished by this work and the courageous women who continued to say YES to themselves.

Today, GoddessCeremony has grown to a globally recognized brand for women's empowerment and healing. With thousands of women joining together to be part of our community, it's been amazing to see what's truly possible when women gather. 

Looking back, I am so incredibly grateful to all of the women who have trusted in me to hold the space for them. Doing this work has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I am so grateful to share the wisdom I have collected all over the world from old women and tribes and indigenous cultures and present it in a nourishing, empowering way. I have been blessed to study with some of the greatest women's leaders and teachers in the world and I am honored to bring it to you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you."



-Board Certified Traditional Naturopathic Doctor

-Certified Women's Herbalist

-200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher 

-Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator

-Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix

-Sacred Womb Healing Practitioner

-Certified Yoni Egg Facilitator