Cassandra Wilder is a Naturopathic Doctor and the world's leading expert in women's cyclical health. Helping women end burnout by reconnecting to their innate cycles, she's been featured as a guest expert in a variety of publications and podcasts.


Creating GoddessCeremony out of a deep desire to create an empowering space for all women to gather, she awakened an experience for women to remember who they were born to be. She has been honored to lead over 200 sacred women’s circles, 56 Sacred Goddess Retreats, dozens of women’s leadership trainings and support thousands of women on the path of awakening the wild woman within. 


Known for her warmth, eloquence in public speaking and revival of women’s wisdom, Cassandra and GoddessCeremony have quickly risen to one of the leaders in women’s health and traditional wisdom. 


In February 2019, Cassandra launched the GoddessCeremony Podcast. Eager to share wisdom in an accessible way for women around the world, she build this platform out of service and inspiration for women to feel supported and encouraged. Releasing a new episode every Monday, the podcast has been downloaded over 50,000 times and ranks in the United States, the Czech Republic and Hungary.  


Cassandra also offers a select amount of consultations as a Naturopathic Doctor in a virtual setting for women anywhere in the world who desire to heal in an empowered way. Specializing in women’s health, fertility and cycle regulation, she has been revered as a leader in women’s health and advocate in bridging the gap between natural health and western medicine. 


Inspired by the courageousness of women and the power of healing our own stories, Cassandra is honored to witness you within this space. Thank you for being here.


Like so many women, I grew up with little information about my body or how to lead an empowered life. Adopting a variety of unhealthy patterns and beliefs, I found myself in abusive relationships, poor work situations and felt clouded by depression. After a devastating relationship and months in courtrooms, I was finally ready to change something; anything - so that I could feel whole


Beginning the healing journey was messy (as they always are!). Finding myself in yoga classes sobbing during savasana, long nights journaling and signing up for any course I could find quickly became my norm and while it was hard, I also immediately began to feel a sense of lightness


While I was transforming internally so much, my exterior world was much the same with a corporate job that I did not love. After a healing week in Costa Rica, I decided to leave it all behind and go out and discover who I was meant to be. I quit my job, sold everything I owned and bought a one way ticket with one simple intention: to find myself. 


It was during this sabbatical that I found myself on a small lake in Guatemala and it was here that everything changed. I sat in my very first women's circle and witnessed sisterhood, connection and support for the first time ever. After sobbing through the entire thing and releasing decades worth of fear, trauma and abuse, I felt an inner fire ignite. Quickly, I began attending every circle I could find and within every circle, I found a new piece of myself. 


About a year later, I led my very first circle in Thailand and was blown away by the impact. When I moved to Michigan to finish my schooling, I casually announced a women's circle and 27 women filled my living room that night. I could feel the desire all women had to be seen, heard and supported. When I decided to lead my first informal retreat, that too sold out immediately and I realized that I was meant to do this work - to hold the lantern for other women the way my mentors had for me. 


Over the years, I have been so honored and humbled to lead hundreds of sacred circles, nearly 60 women's retreats and to work with thousands of women in courses and as a Naturopathic Doctor. I truly believe that our purposes often find us long before we are ready to accept it. 


Whether you have found yourself reading this from watching me speak on stage, are curious about working with me or have stumbled upon the podcast, I am so grateful we have connected. You are no longer alone on your journey. I see you. So trust your intuitive nudge and take the leap



-Board Certified Traditional Naturopathic Doctor

-Certified Women's Herbalist

-200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher 

-Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator

-Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix

-Sacred Womb Healing Practitioner

-Certified Yoni Egg Facilitator


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