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~Welcome sister~

We are gathered here for Module Two of our Blessingway Training. Now that we have discussed the history of Blessingways, the differences between Blessingways and baby showers and introduced the space, we'll now begin to talk about how to create the space. 

We're going to dive right in and talk about how to set up the space and begin the process before your guests have even arrived. In Module Four we will be discussing advertising, how to find mamas interested in Blessingways and other key parts of planning. For now we are focusing on the actual space creation. ​

Creating the Space for the Blessingway ~

Whether you are leading a Blessingway at the mother's home, a friend's backyard or in your own office space, taking time to set up the space is incredibly key. Not only is this a healing space for the mother and her friends, but it's also a sacred ceremonial space so making space to create a nourishing, relaxing environment is really important. 

When you set up a Blessingway with a mama, you'll find out where she wants the gathering to be held. Generally, it's held at her home but sometimes friend's will also volunteer to host the gathering. On the day of the event, you'll want to arrive at least an hour before the guests so that you can create a healing and sacred space. 

Some tips to create a healing space ~

-ask the host to remove clutter from the room so that there is plenty of space for everyone

-allow lots of natural lighting to flow in by opening windows and blinds

-sage the space to remove negative energy and allow the space to be cleansed

-create an altar with sacred items on it (crystals, oracle cards, fresh flowers, candles, etc.) Ideally everyone can be seated around the altar table on chairs or on the floor


-set up a space for the mother to sit where she'll be comfortable 

-burn incense (if that is okay with the host / mother) to create a sacred space

-light candles

-if you have a drum or chakra bowl, you could play it for a minute to help remove negative energy

-turn on sacred music (more on music in Module Four)

-if you are serving food, setting that on a table nicely

-take time to ground personally and take some deep breaths (this can also be the time when you sage yourself)

-set out items that will be used in the honoring time for the mother (blue corn, essential oils, anointing oil, etc.)

How to Sage ~

Sage is a sacred plant that when burned helps to clear away negative energy and attachments. Based in Ancient Navajo tradition, this practice is a must when creating a sacred space. Simply light one end of the sage bundle until it begins to smoke and then move around the room saging (also known as smudging) the space. If the host is not comfortable with saging, you can also purchase Sage Sprays that are smokeless. When saging, it's important to open a door or window so that the negative energies / attachments can leave the space. 

Regardless of how you sage, this must be done before gathering within the sacred space 

Creating the Altar ~

The sacred altar is where most of your sacred items will sit during the circle. This is also a space to honor the mother. You can choose to have the altar on a low table like a coffee table or on the floor. There is a photo below of an example altar I made. 

Why Cleansing Energy is Important ~

Especially when gathering for a sacred event, cleansing old energy away is so incredibly key. Have you ever walked into a room after an argument and just felt the anger in the air? This is our body's ability to read and register energy. Anytime we are creating a sacred space, we must take the time to remove all old, stagnant energy that is not conducive to the sacred space. Especially during a Blessingway, taking time to sage away any energy that does not serve the mother or the space is vital. 

Things that can be used to cleanse energy include ~ sage, palo santo, sage spray and rose water

You can confirm with the mother beforehand which item she'd prefer you use

Welcoming Guests to the Blessingway ~

After the space has been set up, women will begin arriving to the sacred space. Generally the mother will already be there with you excitedly awaiting her guests. 

As each woman arrives, this is your opportunity to welcome her fully into the sacred space. If they are new to the idea of a Blessingway, they may seem a bit uncertain as to what this will include and may feel confused. Lovingly welcome them into the space and direct them as to where they can sit while you wait for the rest of the group. 

As women arrive, you can have kombucha or tea available or you can wait to serve food at the end of the gathering. 

After all of the guests have arrived, you can welcome them to sit in a circle (either on the floor in a circle or on chairs / couches) and then you will begin to initiate the space. 

I'll see you next in Module Three as we discuss Blessingway ceremonies and activities! 

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